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There is a growing number of small restaurants and diners that have discovered that as more and more people own smartphones able to send and receive email and browse the web, they are increasingly happy to get a high-speed connection and open it up to customers free of charge.

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Why did I make this website?

Visiting small town diners is such fun on a road trip, and this is as true in North Carolina as it is in any other state. Most travel brochures fail to mention the Mom and Pop diners or local eating establishments because they may not be large enough–or well-known enough–to get a mention is a tourism guide. However, these eating establishments exist all over America, and many small town diners have great, exciting and unusual food.

I LOVE Mom and Pop shops. I am always on the lookout for the Hole in The Wall stores.

Occasionally, I find myself in a neighborhood that might seem less than savory at first glance, That's when my adventures usually find one of those hole in the wall restaurants that turn out to be a treasure! In every town just around the corner you can find were the locals are. Come eat where the locals eat, and get a feel for the small town way of life.  You'll be coming back for more!

Our Mission

Our Mission  is to provide you with a comprehensive list of small town eateries and restaurants who choose not to have an elaborate websites. We will post pictures and summaries of the establishment with as much information as we can find, when possible we will put map links on how to find them. We will sort the diners by county, just go to region map and click on the county of your choice. We are a work in progress so check back often for additions.

You can help!

We would love to hear from you about your favorite hole in the wall restaurants. Drop us an email with the name and address and we will add it to our list.



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